Limitation Period for Estate Claims

by: , March 6, 2014

Cerquiera v University Health Network presents an interesting discussion of s. 38(3) of the Trustee Act, which establishes a 2-year limitation period on any action commenced by or against an estate. The Cerquiera estate sued the University Hospital for negligence in relation to the death of Mr. Cerquiera.  Mr. Cerquiera died in 2009; the action…read more

Be Careful What You Wish For – You Just Might Waive Solicitor-Client Privilege

by: , February 7, 2014

The recent Ontario Superior Court decision of Lamoureux v Lamoureux illustrates the care with which clients and counsel must take when submitting evidence to court. Without proper forethought, a party may unintentionally waive solicitor-client privilege. André Lamoureux brought an action against Charles Lamoureux in 2007 (unfortunately, the recent decision does not explain what the originating…read more

The Reward For Civility: No Costs Against You

by: , September 12, 2013

Justice DiTomaso recently released an interesting costs decision following his reasons in the case of Stevens v. Fisher Estate (blogged on earlier this year by Jasmine Sweatman on All About Estates). Due to the good conduct of the parties, the Court ordered each side to bear its own costs. By way of quick recap of…read more