The Rights of a Surviving Spouse – Spousal Election

by: , July 6, 2020

I just finished watching Mrs. America, the recent TV series that chronicles the fight by women in the 1970s to enshrine the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in the US Constitution. First proposed in 1921, the ERA sought to mandate equality between men and woman. In 1972, Congress passed the ERA, but they could not obtain…read more

What’s My Share?

by: , January 8, 2014

Gail Evans died intestate on July 30, 1992.  She was survived by her two sons from a first marriage, Richard and Donald, and by her second husband, Carlton.  Carlton was the administrator (i.e. estate trustee) of Gail’s estate.  The parties agreed Carlton was entitled to a preferential share of $75,000 and one third of the…read more