I do not like the estate trustee/executor – can I get rid of them?

by: , August 10, 2020

Can you apply for the removal of the estate trustee? Section 37(3) of the Trustee Act provides the court with legislative authority to grant an order removing an estate trustee upon the application of: -any executor or administrator desiring to be relieved from the duties of the office, or -any executor or administrator complaining of…read more

Trust In The Rules Of Civil Procedure To Protect Beneficiaries And Litigants

by: , March 10, 2014

The Ottawa case of Hawkins v Hawkins Estate provides a well articulated summary of the grounds for the removal of estate trustees. In addition, it provides an interesting discussion regarding disclosure of a solicitor’s file after the death of the testator. The late John Hawkins ran a farming business near Ottawa and owned large parcels of land….read more

When Will the Court Appoint an ETDL?

by: , November 12, 2013

The recent endorsement of Justice Greer in McColl v. McColl illustrates the broad authority of the Court to appoint an Estate Trustee During Litigation (ETDL), and where warranted, to dispense with the requirement that the ETDL post a bond. The deceased was survived by his second wife, ex-wife and son from his first marriage.  At the time…read more

When Co-Estate Trustees Cannot Agree To Sell The House

by: , October 8, 2013

While administering an estate, one of the most difficult challenges an estate trustee can face is the situation where a beneficiary continues to reside in a property that is an estate asset when the estate trustee wishes to list the property for sale.  When there is disagreement on this issue amongst co-estate trustees, an estate…read more