Duties of a Guardian and Attorney – Who is a “Supportive” Family Member of Friend?

by: , April 1, 2024

When a person is acting as a guardian (of property or of the person) or an attorney (for personal care or for property), there are many duties that they must observe and comply with as set out in the Substitute Decisions Act, 1992, S.O. 1992, c. 30 (“SDA”). Acting in accordance with these duties is…read more

Dealing with the Debts and Liabilities of an Estate and Abatement

by: , January 22, 2024

It can often be the case that there are debts and liabilities attached to a deceased’s estate. This can include things such as taxes and debts in the form of loans, credit cards and funeral expenses, among others. One of the most important duties of an estate trustee is ensuring that all of the estate…read more

What Do You Mean? Testamentary Intention and the Interpretation of Wills

by: , August 30, 2023

In the legal world, “testamentary intentions” refer to a person’s wishes for the administration of their estate and distribution of their assets after death. The last will and testament (often referred to simply as a “will”) is the document which sets out the testator’s (i.e. the person who signed the will) testamentary wishes. Problems arise…read more