Persons under Disability and Settlement

by: , January 29, 2024

Rule 1.03 of the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure defines a person under a disability as being a minor or someone mentally incapable within the meaning of section 6 or 45 of the Substitute Decisions Act, 1992, S.O. 1992, c.30, in respect of an issue in the proceeding. In estate litigation, the rights of minor…read more

Dealing with the Debts and Liabilities of an Estate and Abatement

by: , January 22, 2024

It can often be the case that there are debts and liabilities attached to a deceased’s estate. This can include things such as taxes and debts in the form of loans, credit cards and funeral expenses, among others. One of the most important duties of an estate trustee is ensuring that all of the estate…read more

Seeking Court Approval of a Settlement in Writing

by: , January 16, 2024

Minors and incapable persons are protected in a variety of ways in Ontario’s court system. One form of protection comes through Rule 7 of Ontario’s Rules of Civil Procedure (the “Rules”). In particular, subrule 7.08(1) provides: “No settlement of a claim made by or against a person under disability, whether or not a proceeding has…read more