Multi-Generational Family Homes and Unjust Enrichment

by: , October 31, 2023

Living in a multi-generational family home can make home ownership more affordable. The parent likely purchased the home at a time when homes were more affordable. As the parent(s) ages and retires, the adult children take on more of the responsibility for maintenance, upkeep, and expenses of the property. While pooling resources in this way…read more

Court-ordered Wills and s. 21.1(1) of the SLRA

by: , October 23, 2023

January 2022 brought significant changes to a governing statute in estates law: the Succession Law Reform Act[1]. One such change provides the Court with authority to declare a will valid and fully effective despite its non compliance with legislative requirements for formal execution.[2]  The legislative requirements provide that a will is not valid unless: (a) it…read more

Wait a Minute! I Thought We Agreed to Settle!

by: , October 4, 2023

Litigation is long, expensive, and stressful, and its outcome is never certain. This is why lawyers often encourage their clients to attempt to mediate their legal problems outside the court room. If a mediation is successful, the parties will enter into a settlement agreement which sets out the terms under which the parties agree to…read more