When is an Investment Property a Matrimonial Home?

by: , January 1, 2007

In Debora v. Debora, the Ontario Court of Appeal confirmed that a property will be considered a matrimonial home even if it is owned by a company instead of directly by a spouse. The facts of the case make for interesting reading.  The parties went through a religious wedding ceremony in 1987, but did not…read more

When is a Loan a Gift?

by: , February 28, 2006

A father’s intention to gift his children a substantial amount of money and benefit a favoured charity at the same time, albeit indirectly, was at the centre of a recent case decided by the Tax Court of Canada.  The case in question is Benquesus v. Canada [2006] T.C.J. No. 149.  Gift giving has never been…read more