Professional ETs and ETDLs

by: , May 28, 2024

Many testators find it difficult to select an estate trustee for their estates when drafting a will. In some cases, a parent may worry that his or her children are already busy with work and with their own children, and do not want to burden them by naming them as estate trustee (“ET”) in the…read more

The Risks of Being an Estate Trustee

by: , June 8, 2020

A recent news story highlighted one estate trustee’s regretful experience administering an estate.  Due to lengthy litigation involving the validity of the Will and an unsuccessful result for the estate trustees, the estate trustee was ordered to personally pay over $100,000.00 in legal fees.  While the personal cost order was a result of a unique…read more

What an Estate Trustee Needs to Know About Firearms

by: , May 20, 2016

An estate trustee is tasked with disposing of the assets of an estate. A trickier situation arises when the deceased owned firearms. Strict rules govern the ownership and disposal of firearms in Canada, and trustees must take care to ensure they do not inadvertently break the law (and take necessary safety precautions). The disposition of…read more