What Happens to My Air Miles When I Die?

by: , December 2, 2020

Many Canadians collect loyalty points with hopes of redeeming the points for various rewards including free air travel, hotels, gas, groceries, and cash. This year with international travel interrupted by COVID-19, many people’s plans to redeem their travel points have been put on hold. Other Canadians have amassed large collections of points over the years…read more

What’s My Share?

by: , January 8, 2014

Gail Evans died intestate on July 30, 1992.  She was survived by her two sons from a first marriage, Richard and Donald, and by her second husband, Carlton.  Carlton was the administrator (i.e. estate trustee) of Gail’s estate.  The parties agreed Carlton was entitled to a preferential share of $75,000 and one third of the…read more

A Resulting Trust May Arise Before Death

by: , October 25, 2013

In estate disputes, it is common for parties to try to claw back into the estate bank accounts that were held jointly with the testator before death. The law provides a mechanism to do this – a resulting trust. Briefly, a resulting trust works as follows: any time property is transferred to someone else for…read more