Legal Papers

Protecting Yourself While You Protect Others

by: , February 15, 2017

A constantly growing number of people are acting as attorneys for property and/or personal care due to the aging population. The role of attorney for property and/or personal care can be challenging in many ways, however, we do not often identify the attorney for property and/or personal care as the party requiring protection. This paper…read more

Filing Estate Tax Returns

Under the Income Tax Act, it is the responsibility of the legal representative (such as an estate trustee, or the administrator of the estate if probate is not required) to file all required returns for the deceased on a timely basis, pay all tax owing, and advise the beneficiaries whether the amount they receive from…read more

Representing The Estate Trustee – What To Know And What To Avoid

by: and , February 16, 2010

It has been said that the “worst part” about practicing law is dealing with clients. A rather harsh assessment, but it is likely trite to say that advising a client is never straightforward or easy. No doubt, most lawyers can recount the trials and tribulations of successfully representing their clients (the truly difficult client is…read more